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Frontiers of Life integrates more activities on the University of Bordeaux campus!

In 2023, the University of Bordeaux has funded 20 new Interdisciplinary projects (

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Among those, 3 projects are directly relevant to the Frontiers of Life scientific priorities. These projects and their coordinating teams are now fully embedded in the Frontiers of Life Program:

  • MISTIC - Microfluidic insights into the development of specific species and the toxicity of amyloid proteins - is a joint project between CBMN and LOMA, coordinated by Marion Mathelié-Guinlet and Thomas Salez
  • µTriEV - Micro- and optofluidic sorting of bacterial extracellular vesicles - is a joint project between MFP, LP2N and CRPP, coordinated by Rémi Fronzes, Amaury Badon and JC Baret
  • PhoTau - Photocontrol of liquid-liquid phase separation of tau protein - is a joint project between CBMN and CRPP, coordinated by Yann Fichou and Nicolas Martin

With three post-docs to be hired soon, our community will grow locally and open towards new scientific directions!